Fitness & Wellness Centre Orientation
Come experience the fitness and wellness center! Join our Exercise and Wellness Specialists for this complimentary general fitness facility and equipment orientation. You will leave feeling
comfortable to join us for a great workout by yourself, with a friend, or in a group exercise class. Please see the Fitness & Wellness Centre desk for more information.

Let’s Get it Started! $131.25
New to a gym atmosphere, and don’t know where to start? Work directly with one of our Exercise & Wellness specialists, to develop an individualized program to meet your lifestyle needs. This consultation includes short and long-term goal setting, fitness appraisal, equipment orientation and an introductory program design. See one of our Exercise and Wellness Specialists to book your appointment. The Let’s Get it Started will be comprised of two session, each one hour in length. SMARTKEY is included with this service if interested.

Fitness Appraisal & Program Design $173.25
Are you ready to jump into the world of personal training? Try this package on for size. An Exercise and Wellness Specialist will measure the following components: body composition, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility. The data collected will be used to create a personalized program that will help you reach your fitness goals.

Personal Training

Work one-on-one with a qualified personal trainer to help you achieve all of your long-term fitness goals. Our personal training staff will work with you to develop the most effective individualized program, and will motivate and support you in remaining committed to your fitness program. SMARTKEY is optional for this program.
Complimentary SMARTKEY is included for every purchase of five or more sessions.

1 – 4 sessions $60.90/hr
5 – 9 sessions $54.90/hr
10+ sessions $52.50/hr

Group Personal Training
Similar goals? Same training schedule? Stay motivated with a group of friends and save money too! Group personal training will provide a great social environment where friends can assist in motivating each other to achieve individual goals. These sessions will include group consultation, group program design, and training sessions. SMARTKEY is optional for this program.

4 session package
2 people $136.50/each
3 people $102.90/each
4 people $84.00/each

8 session package
2 people $252.00/each
3 people $184.80/each
4 people $147.00/each

12 session package
2 people $346.50/each
3 people $245.70/each
4 people $189.00/each

Sports Team Dryland Training

Enhance your team’s performance with dryland training. Our Exercise and Wellness Specialists will get your team ready for the demands of the sport; whether it is pre/post, or in the midst of the season. This service includes: sports specific fitness assessments at the beginning and end of the sessions, injury prevention education, and a periodized program. The results you will see in your team’s ability will destroy the competition. Our knowledgeable staff will take you team to another level!
60 minute session - $100.00
90 minute session - $150.00


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