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Servus Credit Union Place
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Adult Workshops

Servus Place is always looking to provide you with a special program that will introduce you to different fitness and wellness elements or help you celebrate a special day.

80's Spin Workshop

Get out your blue eyeshadow andor ripped shirts and Lets Get Physical All Night Long. If youre Like A Virgin to spin class, dont be Livin On A Prayercome out and enjoy great music with our instructor who is stuck in the 80s. Time after Time, well Take Your Breathe Away in this energetic spin class. Youll be shouting You Spin me Round! Dont Stop Believing for the return of the 80s. The 80s are back for one night only!
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Barre 2 Bar Workshop

During the Barre 2 Bar workshop you will experience a workout beyond basic training. You will be utilizing a weighted bar for a variety of upper body movements and the balance barre for lower body combinations. The result will have you firing all muscles of the body. A focus on core, posture and flexibilty components will also be covered.
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Cirque du Servus

Ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Well now you dont have to. Transform into a spotlight performer with the Cirque du Servus Workshop. It will challenge your agility, strength, balance and flexibility. Come ready to work hard, although it will feel like play.
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Golfer's Yoga Workshop

At the most basic level, golf and yoga are the same - the intentional and dynamic movement of the body in three planes of motion. Quiet the mind and improve focus while developing body symmetry, balance, and alignment to increase the power of your swing. Learn how to enhance your flexibility and core strength to improve mobility, power and endurance to keep you on your game. Suitable for all levels.
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Hip Opener (Yoga Workshop)

This workshop focuses on opening the hips significantly. Many of us sit or stand for the greater part of the day and this results in tense and tight hips. We often tend to hold a lot of mental and emotional stress in our hips which adds to this stiffness. This workshop will work on warming the muscles and joints with its practice as well as holding the poses to allow a true stretch to release that tightness. No yoga experience is required to attend this workshop. Please dress in layers.
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Night of Zen - Workshop

Try our candle light yoga to revitalize your natural rhythm & harmony while improving strength & flexibility. Come to experience a deep sense of well-being that will support you well after the session is over. Calming music and the candlelight glow soothes the soul as you flow through various yoga poses, breathing techniques and meditation. Suitable for all levels.
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Pickleball 101 Workshop

Pickleball is a fast growing paddle sport which combines elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis. Come out and learn basic Pickleball skills, rules and terminology on the court. To finish off the day, put all your new skills into practice in a mini round robin tournament. This workshop is geared for beginners, but we encourage everyone to come out to join in on the fun.
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Race Ready Workshop

RACE SEASON IS HERE! Whether you will be running, cycling or competing in a triathalon this workshop is the right fit for any sport! Learn self-myofascial techniques using foam rollers and small balls to help release tight muscles and improve your flexibility and help with injury prevention. Leaving you STRONG, HEALTHY, ON THE ROAD - RACE READY!
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Spartan Up Workshop

Thinking of challenging yourself with one of the fastest growing sports in the world? See if you have what it takes with the Servus Place Spartan Up Workshop. You will run, climb, crawl, jump, pull, carry and drag yourself through this hour obstacle course. See you at our finish line!
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Stress Release and Relaxation (Tea Meditation) Yoga Workshop

Join us in this monthly meditative workshop to help the body and mind, renew and rejuvenate. Explore yoga postures, body awareness exercises and self-massage to release muscular tension and stress. Learn to relax further with meditations and breathing exercises. No previous yoga experience is required to participate in this gentle self healing practice.
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