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Servus Credit Union Place

Adult Workshops

Servus Place is always looking to provide you with a special program that will introduce you to different fitness and wellness elements or help you celebrate a special day.

Align Your Poses Workshop

Attend this yoga workshop to explore the alignment of common poses and the adjustments that feel best for you. This workshop offers the time to play with variations, assess poses in a new way and ask questions. During this workshop, youll learn how to focus your energy to move deeper into the postures with awareness and greater confidence. All levels welcome.
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Balance and Stability Exercise (BASE) Workshop

One of our Exercise and Wellness Specialists will explore and explain the BASE principles of fitness. In this workshop you will learn balance and stability exercises that will transform your fitness routine.
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Experience Roll and Release- The Next Level

Roll and Release- The Next Level will introduce to you some more foam rolling and small ball therapy techniques you can add to your toolbox. If you would like to learn and experience more about self myofascial release come and join us.
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Family Yoga Experience

Bring the kids and come for some fun as you give this Yoga Experience a try! Play with movement and discover the benefits of Yoga as you twist, lunge, bend and balance your way through a series of postures fit for the whole family. Children ages 4+ are welcome in this class.
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Hip Opener (Yoga Workshop)

This workshop focuses on opening the hips significantly. Many of us sit or stand for the greater part of the day and this results in tense and tight hips. We often tend to hold a lot of mental and emotional stress in our hips which adds to this stiffness. This workshop will work on warming the muscles and joints with its practice as well as holding the poses to allow a true stretch to release that tightness. No yoga experience is required to attend this workshop. Please dress in layers.
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Managing Back Pain Through Corrective Exercise

The term corrective exercise is booming in the fitness world, but what does it really mean? One of our exercise and wellness specialists will take you through exercises and activities, such as myofascial release specific to back pain, to help you understand that it may be necessary to take a step backwards before moving forwards.
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Partner Yoga

Want to get a little closer to your partner? Come stretch out your relationship where your partner no other choice but to give you some extra support! The contact and assistance of your partner deeply enhances the development of flexibility. In addition, a confident and trusting relationship promotes an atmosphere of fun and greater relaxation. No yoga experience required.
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Small Ball Therapy Workshop

Small Ball Therapy is a therapeutic self-care method used to free muscles and myofascia. With distinct applications of the ball to the body, traction and body weight, our instructor will provide invaluable self-applied techniques to release chronically tight muscles and stimulate the nervous system. Please bring a water bottle.
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