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Spin Adult Programs

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Indoor cycling, also called spinning, is a great way to get in shape and improve your fitness. Unlike a regular exercise bike workout, spinning involves a variety of movements and speeds, with spinners sometimes standing on the pedals and other times sitting like normal, sometimes pedaling at top speed and other times recovering at a slower pace. One nice thing about spinning classes is that anyone can do them -- if you get tired, you simply lessen the resistance on your bike and reduce your pedaling speed. And they can burn a lot of calories – up to 450-500 for a 45 minute workout.

Core Revolution

Combine a 45 minute spin ride with 30 minutes of core training exercises that strengthen and stabilize the muscles needed for more efficiency during spin class and everyday life activities.
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Registered Spin

Enjoy our drop-in spin classes? Want to make sure you have a bike reserved? Sign up for a class that always has space for you.
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Ride 2 the Core - Pilates & Cycling

This 90 minute class will focus on the foundations of Pilates to strengthen the core and lengthen theMuscles, and then take you through an exciting and motivating cycling class sure to leave you feeling it in all the right places.
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Smart Start Basic Bike

New to spin? Join us for this introduction to indoor cycling. This program will begin at a nice and easy pace and the fitness level will gradually progress over the course of the program. A great start to your cycling experience.
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Spin and Soul

Try this exciting cardiovascular and flexibility class that combines both spin and yoga. Get your heart rate up with 45 minutes of spin and then bring it back down while increasing your flexibility with 45 minutes of yoga-inspired stretches. Get the best of both worlds wrapped up in one.
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Spin Cyclone- Advanced Spin

It is time to take your spin to the next level. Hard beats, fast pace and challenging drills. Get ready to rev it up! *spin experience is necessary
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Spin Express

Get up early and get your heart rate pumping with this fast paced spin class. This class is designed to get you in and out so you can feel great and get on with the rest of your day!
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Get a true balanced workout! Get your cardio workout in with 45 minutes of spin followed by a 45 minute mindbody KINESIS circuit. This workout will challenge your core, balance, muscular stability as well as your muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Maximize your workout and leave feeling strong, energized and balanced.
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Sprint Cycle Circuit

Sprint Cycle Circuit is a high energy class. Combine the cycling speed and intensity with a few exciting stops off of the bike to strengthen muscles and align your spine. Your heart will be pumping during this unique interval class that will challenge you with small portable equipment, climbing the stairs, running the track and of course cycling. Build strength and stamina as you challenge yourself week to week.
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Straddle and Swing

Straddle a spin bike then swing a kettlebell! This class will challenge and improve your cardiovascular system using spin and kettlebell training. Our certified spin and kettlebell instructor will lead and motivate you through this endurance and interval training program.
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