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Specialized Adult Programs

Whether you’re looking to improve your health by shedding excess pounds, incorporate dance into your workout or build muscle, our specialized fitness programs can help you achieve your wellness goal. They include everything from programs that are the latest fitness craze, like ZUMBA, TRX and Kettlebells, to weight loss programs, like the Bigger Loser and Last 10lbs. They are designed to help you reach your goals – whether that is losing weight, living healthy or training for sport. 


Ballet Barre Fitness

The ultimate way of building a strong, elongated physique. This technical class allows you to work out hard but is low impact on your joints. Build muscle, create a strong flexible core and a dancers body by using your own body weight. No classical music here, just a great fitness workout using ballet moves. Across the floor dance moves and some barre work are incorporated into this workout. Youll be tutu ready in no time.
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Bootcamp (Early Morning)

Get pushed to your limit. Join us for an intense workout three mornings a week. Whatever your goals, this class is designed to help you reach them. This is bootcamp so please be prepared to participate in some running and of course - push ups. *If you have limiting injuries please inquire about other program options. This bootcamp runs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
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Ladies do you want a class that will focus on your legs, gluteals and core but still get your heart rate up? This one hour booty-camp is the class for you! Weight training, bodyweight exercises, and cardio intervals are just some of the training styles to expect here. Come prepared to sweat! All levels are welcome.
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Break in Bootcamp (beginner bootcamp)

Scared of the word bootcamp? Not to worry! Two mornings a week, well challenge you without killing you, and progress you gradually through the month! This class is designed to help you get started in bootcamp and welcomes newcomers to exercise. This bootcamp runs Tuesdays and Thursdays.
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Freshman Fitness

Are you embarking on a new fitness journey and do not know where to start. Freshman Fitness starts with the basics and will introduce you to exercises that will begin to challenge your cardio, strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. Beginners of all ages are welcome! Dont let being a Freshman hold you back from your fitness and wellness goals. Register today.
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Introduction to Olympic Lifting

Learn the technique and safety of Olympic Lifting. Lifts include Clean and Jerk, and Snatch. When finished the course participants should have enough knowledge and responsibility to have key access to the Olympic platforms. Participants will learn how to execute lifts, bail safely and learn the sports etiquette.
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Kettlebell Circuit

Ready to swing to the next level? If you have taken Kickstart Kettlebell or have prior experience with Kettlebells, join us for some real action. Kettlebell movements will be combined with cardio intervals stairs, running, or resistance exercises to give your entire body the workout it deserves. Prerequiste: Kickstart Kettlebell.
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Kickstart Kettlebell

Often described as the hand held gym, kettlebells improve body conditioning, body composition and posture - fast. In this introductory course you will learn safe and correct form during kettlebell exercises. As you progress each week, you will see yourself getting leaner, stronger and fitter. Multilevel instruction is given so you can challenge yourself safely. Kettlebells train your body for real life. Its time to register, get hooked and start swinging.
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Kinesis Bootcamp

Bring mindfulness and focus to this bootcamp class! Integrate the powerful total body movements of KINESIS with cardiovascular and strength stations. This session will simultaneously challenge your core and balance as well as your muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Bring a waterbottle and experience a higher work volume in a shorter time! * No Kinesis experience required. Try an experience Kinesis demo by calling the fitness and wellness centre desk @ 780.418.6053. * Small class size - sign up now!
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Metabolic Training

Its time to bust out of your plateau! Whether you want to build up strength of lose weight, this system of interval training will get you in the best shape of your life. Learn how to bridge weight training sessions with long cardio sessions and blend these two workouts together for a great end product. This high intensity metabolic class will maximize calorie expenditure and increase your metabolism during and well after class. *Being able to run 2km before coming into class will be a beneficial fitness requirement.
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