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KINESIS Adult Programs

This revolutionary system is constructed of four panels with unique cables, grips, and weight stacks that allow movements to be easy, natural and without restrictions. TECHNOGYM’s Full Gravity Technology enables the user to move three dimensionally to perform over 500 movements based on natural, free-flowing motions. KINESIS trains muscular strength and endurance, it also helps to improve balance, stability and flexibility. Enjoy the ultimate life and body changing experience with KINESIS!


Kinesis Emerge

Challenge your mind and body by emerging into this advanced program designed for those who have already developed a strong base of conditioning with KINESIS. The series of movement focuses on developing increased balance, coordination and muscular strength by involving trunk bending and rotation, and adding one-legged balance movements. Take advantage of personal attention: each session will be held to a maximum of four people.
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KINESIS Experience

Discover new ways to move in KINESIS Experience! Become completely absorbed, and leave everything behind. This progressive, effective full body workout challenges you as a whole, incorporating flexibility, mobility, balance, coordination, muscular strength and endurance. Come connect your mind and body inside and out! Take advantage of personal attention: each session will be held to a maximum of four people.
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KINESIS for Multiple Sclerosis

Focus on breathing, postural awareness, muscular endurance and balance while increasing mobility and feelings of energy and wellbeing. This KINESIS class is designed for those with MS, incorporating movements and activities to be part of a targeted therapy to increase quality of movement in everyday life. Movements may be modified to suit all needs and abilities.
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